Professional Services

Leveraging our deep enterprise IT and HPC expertise, we help our OEM customers grow their businesses with new and existing customers. Our Professional Services teams drive product sales by ensuring an excellent post-sale experience. Additionally, Translucent assists with in-depth pre-sales proof-of-concepts and complex post-sales integrations.

Translucent’s sniper technology teams are Sales Enablement for all our technology manufacturing customers. We strive for “Perfection in Delivery,” every time.

Dark Site Support

Translucent’s Dark Site Support field engineering network helps bring normalcy back to our OEM customer’s support processes. Many Dark Sites make traditional and automated troubleshooting techniques impossible without proper access (clearance). We identify root causes by working directly with an OEM’s support team and their end-customers to review log data, configurations and customer architectures. Standard break/fix is table stakes.

Translucent’s management and senior support staff have many years of support experience as end-user customers. This experience is why our skillsets are multifaceted and unparalleled.

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